About Dressage, Naturally

Karen Rohlf with AtomicHi, I'm Karen Rohlf. Dressage, Naturally is a concept born out of my experience in dressage and natural horsemanship.

My goal is to create stronger partnerships and healthy bio-mechanics by combining the principles of natural horsemanship with the art of dressage ... It's about sharing knowledge between the 'natural' and the 'dressage' worlds so you don't have to choose between them... Yes, you can do both! I am so excited to share this with you!

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Karen is the author of the book/DVD: Dressage, Naturally... Results in Harmony: A Guide To The Basics Of Dressage From A Natural Horsemanship Perspective. We highly recommend becoming familiar with the book/DVD in order to maximize the information in Dressage, Naturally Video Classroom. The book is currently also translated into German and Polish and available in those countries. Karen also has other educational materials on DVD and CD as well as Dressage, Naturally equipment and art in her web shop.

Karen's teaching empowers students to be curious and feel free to explore. She teaches students to listen to their horses, trust their instincts... And to have a lot of fun doing it! (Check out these fun videos)

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The Big Picture of Dressage, Naturally:

Karen Rohlf riding MontyPriority 1: Partnership

Priority 2: Healthy Biomechanics: Establish excellent communication about Relaxation, Energy, and Balance

Priority 3: Connection with the Reins

Priority 4: Gymnastic Development: Progressive exercises for Flexibility, Mobility, and Collectibility



"For all of the materials that Karen has made available to us: the book, DVDs, newsletter Q & A, etc., I give you my heartfelt thanks. As a Parelli student, everything Karen teaches blends seamlessly with the Parelli priniciples so that learning remains fun for even the most fragile of equine egos. By the way, I love and appreciate the way Karen's mind works -- in harmony with the complex reality of the horse-human relationship." ~Sandra

"As an avid Dressage enthusiast, who has studied Dressage for many years, I have found Karen to be an instructor who truly looks at the development of the horse from a physical, emotional, and mental standpoint, with a priority that the horse and rider be happy and always improving their relationship into a harmonious partnership. She focuses on physically developing the horse without force and in a flowing resistant free method. She mentally engages the horse to become a willing partner. And she emotionally ensures that the horse is happy in his work.

I have had the opportunity to take lessons, attend her Sweet Spot clinics, watch her video classroom and study her book. All these teaching modalities offer unique benefits to help the student grow in their never ending journey of improving their horsemanship skills. Karen has a gift at being able to break complex ideas and patterns into simple steps that make your goals achievable for you and your horse. She is extremely talented at looking " outside of the box" to come up with communication tools to solve each riders' challenges. Karen is witty, passionate and truly a gifted horsewoman at creating healthy happy horse and rider combinations."  ~Lisa