About Karen Rohlf and the DN Video Classroom

About Karen Rohlf and the Dressage Naturally Video Classroom

Enjoy The Process of Learning To Move In HarmonyDressage Naturally is holistic, comprehensive, and integrated system for horses and riders of any discipline who want to enjoy the process of creating stronger partnerships and healthy biomechanics.

One Voice Guiding You Through

Learning from Karen Rohlf is like having your own personal cheerleader. Her sense of responsibility to the horse, as well as her open, nonjudgmental, and fair-minded nature allows you to go beyond the rigid rules of specific disciplines and get to the heart of your mental, emotional, and physical partnership with your horse.

Dressage Naturally Will Help You...

  • Improve everything you do with your horse
  • Create a happier and more harmonious partnership based on understanding and trust
  • Learn new ways to work with your horse to find the place of cooperation, ease, and biomechanical freedom
  • Bring your partnership with you as you advance in sport-specific training
  • Use your aids in a way that your horse understands and appreciates
  • Be a confident independent learner
  • Practice non-judgmental awareness and a growth mindset

Principles Above Techniques

Our methods are based on communication and understanding instead of fear or force. Every video in the classroom is based on these principles:

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Principle 1:
The basics of dressage are FOR the horse and should feel good to the horse.
Principle 2:
Everything comes from and returns to relaxation.
Principle 3:
Mental, Emotional, and Physical development are equal doorways to our goal.
Principle 4:
Precision arrives out of the possibilities that play creates.
Principle 5:

Dressage can only be as good as the Partnership, Communication, Biomechanics, and Riding Skills combined.

Empowered Learning

We will empower you to experiment, trust your instincts, nurture curiosity, and let go of your fear of making mistakes. You will become a clearer and more confident communicator and be better able to maintain the results you get.

To learn more about Dressage Naturally, visit the Dressage Naturally main website.

Ongoing Education and Inspiration For A Whole-Horse Education.

For students of all levels and disciplines who want to enjoy learning and be in harmony with their horse.
Karen Rohlf's consistent voice guides you through all the videos. You don’t have to jump from one person’s
method to another, wondering how to fit it all together.