About the Dressage Naturally Video Classroom

about dnc prices2018Instant access to on-going support in creating harmony with your horse.

  • Want to stop using such strong aids all the time?
  • Want your horse to enjoy his training sessions?
  • Want to do dressage FOR your horse instead of TO your horse?
  • Want your horse to stay healthy and happy for many, many years?
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Who are these videos for? Students of natural horsemanship, dressage, both and neither! Most videos do not require previous knowledge in Dressage, Naturally but the book/DVD is recommended in order to get the most out of the concepts Karen demonstrates.

The videos in the classroom range from basic to advanced, and from theoretical and technical discussions, to simulations and exercises "on line" and while riding:

Karen assisting a student in a lesson

  • All videos have the theme of striving to achieve stronger partnerships and healthy bio-mechanics.
  • Videos may be of Karen teaching, playing with a student's horse, or her own horses either at home, or at clinics.
  • The video's content is edited by Karen personally. Important concepts are highlighted, and key moments are often replayed, using slow motion and freeze frames to illustrate a point.
  • There is a fully searchable archive of videos available, and comments are welcome on each video page.
  • There is a private facebook group for all active D,N Video Classroom members!

You can also visit the main Dressage, Naturally web site for further reading and support.

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"EVERY SINGLE ONE of your videos is worth it's weight in gold!" ~Patsy, South Africa

"It didn't matter who we were working with, or which video we played, we ALWAYS found solutions and ideas to apply to the needs of the horses in our care." ~Susanna

"You really are doing a great job of bridging the gap between Parelli and dressage. There isn't much support for 'finesse' riding in the Parelli program, but your material sure gets those concepts across well. I love how you explain everything in the videos, and have captions to clarify. Your explanation of half pass are great! I never quite understood it, but the diagram in the book really helped! I have been incorporating some of your exercises into my training program, and they are complimenting what my instructor is teaching me very well. It's always nice to get a different perspective on the same material... Watching you with your horses is magical. It is truly wonderful to see the partnership you have with them." ~Karen