Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Please check these frequently asked questions first.  Can't find your answer?  Then please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your question.


  • Are the videos just Karen teaching a lesson? +

    They are more than that! Karen personally creates videos especially for the Classroom.

    Karen introduces the concept and uses graphics, still frames, slow motion and replay to help illustrate the point. Sometimes it is video of a lesson, but usually it is even more than that. We have received the highest praise for her special way of teaching through these videos.

  • Do I already need to know Dressage, Naturally to understand the videos? +

    No! Of course we recommend becoming familiar with her information through the website, her book/DVD, clinics, and other instructional information.  However, the videos are created to be able to help a wide range of students.

    As long as you are interested in creating stronger partnerships and healthy biomechanics, you will benefit from these videos!

  • Are the videos basic or advanced? +

    Both! Each month we do our best to provide a variety of levels of information from general theories to basic exercises on line or riding, to more advanced movements and exercises.

    Of course only you will know if it is suitable for what you need, so during your half-price month please review the archives to get the best feel for the information.

  • Why does the layout sometimes look different? +

    It is a 'responsive' website, meaning that the layout will shift around depending on the size of the window it is being viewed in. That is why it looks so good on ipads and phones! But sometimes if your browser window is not large enough it will look funny. Simply increase the size of the window and you will see it improve (actually it's kind of fun to play with! Drag the window larger and smaller and watch it change!)

  • Can I view the videos full screen? +

    Yes! On the upper right corner of the video player you will see where to click to view full screen.
  • Can I comment on the videos? +

    Yes! Each video page allows comments at the bottom of the page. We welcome members to share their comments and start discussions!

    Karen works hard to keep a safe, positive learning environment. We reserve the right to delete comments that are aggressive, mean-spirited, or off the topic of Dressage Naturally principles. We reserve the right to immediately cancel the membership of any member who violates the safe, positive learning environment Karen has created. 

  • Can I bookmark a favorite video? +

    Yes! You will be able to create your own personal 'favorite videos' list!

  • Do you ever offer DVDs of The Classroom Videos? +

    Each year we will create a DVD archive for the past year and make it available in the webshop. Classroom members will be able to purchase the past year's DVD set at a greatly reduced price IF they were a member of the Classroom for at least 9 months of the year of the DVD set they are purchasing.

    Individual DVDs are not available, and only a limited number sets are available.

    Being a continual member of the Classroom is 35% less expensive than purchasing the DVD archive at the non-member price!

  • Will I have access to the previous videos? +

    Yes! As soon as you become a member you will have access to the full archive of videos!


  • Can I download the video to my computer? +

    No. In order to protect our content, the videos stream rather download.

    The advantages to streaming are: 

    1. You do not have to wait for the video to download before playback. The video starts playing within seconds after you click on the "PLAY" graphic.

    2. You can immediately click anywhere in the video and it will begin play at that point (helpful when you are looking for a particular section of the video).

    3. Our videos are hosted by a service that stores the videos in several places around the world, so no matter where you are, the videos will play as quickly and smoothly as possible!

  • The audio gets out of synch with the video. Is there something wrong with the video? NEW +

    No, the D,N classroom videos have been checked thoroughly. We have seen this disconnect happen occasionally and intermittently when the internet connection is slow.

    Try viewing the video for "Lower Speed Internet" connections, or try again at another time when there is less internet traffic slowing things down!

  • The video re-buffers during playback... What should I do? +

    Usually, this is due to either a slow or busy internet connection. High traffic on your local network or at your service provider will slow your internet connection (late afternoons are often times of highest traffic). Experiment to see if playback improves at various times of the day.

    Another cause is having an internet connection via a modem (a slow internet connection). The D,N Classroom videos are designed to playback with quality for connection speeds at cable or DSL connection, so you may experience buffering more often when on a modem connection. For slower internet connections, try viewing the video formatted for slower internet connections on the video page.

    If you are running multiple applications (programs) on your computer that access the internet, this can slow video playback (causing rebuffering) by competing with your internet connection. Examples include downloading email and playing other audio and video files. Close these programs, and notice if this improves the video playback.

    If you have a wireless router, that often can slow the speed of your internet. Try connecting the cable directly to your computer.

    Occasionally, simply turning off your computer, then rebooting your internet router, then turning your computer back on, will resolve problems with an unusually slow internet connection.

  • The videos suddenly stopped working, what do I do? +

    When we post our videos we are confident that they work, but ... things do happen. Sometimes when your browser updates, or Adobe Flash player updates, things get out of sync and will stop working. If this happens, we recommend trying a different browser or computer if possible to help determine if the issue is on your computer or not.

    Also, check what version of the browser you are using and upgrade if needed.

    Sometimes things do happen on our end, because technology isn't always perfect, so if you continue to have trouble let us know! Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The more details you can give us about what exactly is going wrong and your web browser details, the better we can help you solve it!

  • Can I view the videos on my phone/ipad? +

    Yes! We have done all we can to allow are videos to be seen on mobile devices. The website itself is also made to optimize viewing on mobile devices!

  • How can I check if the video will play well with my internet connection? +

    Try playing the video introduction on the home page.  If it plays well then you are good to go!

    If you are having trouble, check the Video FAQ (below) for more troubleshooting ideas. Each month, videos are provided for viewers with slower and faster internet connections.

  • Technical problems playing videos on particular device? +

    Our wonderful streaming company, Vzaar has let us know they are glad to help you troubleshoot your system. Visit and "Click for Live Help" on the black tab at the bottom of the screen anytime between 9am GMT and 6pm Pacific. They should be able to pinpoint the issue quickly and give you solutions.


  • Are gift certificates to the D,N Video Classroom available? +

    Yes, you can give someone a gift certificate for the Dressage, Naturally Video Classroom. You can designate the number of months and when you would like it to begin. Download the Gift Subscription Form and fill out the requested information, then email the completed form back to us (the details are on the form).

    Here is the Gift Subscription Form in Word .doc format, so you can easily type your answers into the form itself.  

    If you cannot use a Word .doc file, here is the same Gift Subscription Form as a PDF file).

  • How do I join the Dressage, Naturally Video Classroom? +

    To become a member, simply click here and begin the registration process!

  • What form of payment do you accept? +

    We accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal, and you can choose your payment method during checkout
  • Am I able to manage my credit card information? +

    Yes.  If you pay by PayPal, you can login to your PayPal account and update your information there. They also have customer support in your home language.

    If you pay by credit card, login and go to My Account to update your credit card information.

  • Will the price ever go up for me? +

    No, you're price is guaranteed! And ... your first month is always half price. After that, you are automatically billed for each month. Even if the price goes up in the future, your price will stay the same for as long as you continue your membership.

  • How do I cancel my subscription to the DNC Classroom? +

    You may cancel at any time.  

    • First, Login. You can't access the cancel option until you are logged in.
    • Then, look at the dropdown menu choices under "FAQ", and select "Cancel My Subscription" or click here: Cancel My Subscription
    • There, click the green "On" button to toggle your subscription to "Off" (then button will turn grey, as below). Final step: Click on the blue "Update" button.
      Toggle your subscription to "Off" and then click on the "Update" button.

    That's it!  Even after you cancel the invoice, you will have access until the end of your monthly billing cycle.

  • Safe Learning Environment +

    Karen works hard to keep a safe, positive learning environment. We reserve the right to delete comments that are aggressive, mean-spirited, or off the topic of Dressage Naturally principles. We reserve the right to immediately cancel the membership of any member who violates the safe, positive learning environment Karen has created.

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