Karen Rohlf's growing library of training videos gives you Exercises, Inspiration, Demonstration and Solutions for creating strong partnerships & healthy movement.

Ready to find more harmony with your horse?

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Enjoy creating a happy, athletic, and trusting connection with your horse. Learn to solve the problems that are holding you back. Karen Rohlf gives you the confidence and freedom to develop your horse mentally, emotionally, & physically.

Videos on a variety of topics

Ongoing Education and Inspiration For A Whole-Horse Education.

For students of all levels and disciplines who want to enjoy learning and be in harmony with their horse.
Karen Rohlf's consistent voice guides you through all the videos. You don’t have to jump from one person’s
method to another, wondering how to fit it all together.

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Feedback from Video Classroom Members

I was always drawn to your fun, playful and intelligent, creative way of teaching. How the horse's mind and biomechanics are 100% considered, which leads to a healthy mental and physical partnership. The classroom is where I go to if I have ANY question and I always find an answer.
I love that you teach us how to figure things out for ourselves. Showing what to look for and feel for helps a lot when riding alone. You are such an encouragement. Thanks so much!!!!
I love the way you explain things, how something should feel. And then I love that I can replay and watch again. I also love videos that train the eye, showing you what to look for, such as tension in a horse's muscle. Thank you.
I love seeing real problems/situations with other riders/horses, and working through the solution. Thank you for the Video Classroom, I love it. I especially love your unfailing positive cheerful giggling attitude. :)

Creative Video Training:

  • New videos added every month, 300+ videos already!
  • Videos cover groundwork, riding, exercises, demonstrations, simulations and discussion
  • Search videos by topic AND create your own "Favorites List" of videos
  • Commenting available on each video
  • Member discount for the Dressage Naturally shop
  • See students like you get coached through exercises; see the real process not just the perfect results
  • Learn Karen’s thought-process as she helps students & horses through challenges
  • Closed Facebook Group for video classroom members - Ask Karen questions, get help finding the video you need, connect with fellow students around the world.

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Student Success Story

Before and After photos The last three years we have been without an instructor, simpy using the Video Classroom and DN book as our resources. The 'before' image is my girl a few months before I discovered Karen ... it highlights how far we've come.

Our relationship is the best it has ever been and I am slowly but steadily becoming more a aware and better rider for my girl. Thank you, Karen, for being the amazing person that you are. You have truly touched my life.

~Susanna Vandermeide